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Hitting the Ground Running: Chapter Thirty

Title: Hitting the Ground Running

Fandom: Torchwood

Rating: Adult

Pairing: Primarily Jack/Ianto, with other secondary pairings mentioned

Chapter: 30/?

Word Count: 2895

Summary: AU. Majorly AU. Ianto Jones first encountered Torchwood as a teenager trying to leave his old life behind. However, when Torchwood Three gets rather violently restructured at the start of the millennium, he’s got a new assignment in Cardiff. The only thing he wasn’t prepared for was his new boss.


Disclaimer: …You really think it’s mine?  Much as I might wish it was, it isn’t.  I will go on the record and say that, unlike the show’s creative team, I firmly believe in happy endings. 

Notes: Thirty chapters already?  Wow, it really hasn’t felt like that long at all (although I’ve been writing this for…eight or nine months now?  I think?).  More notes at the end :) 


Chapter Thirty


In Which Jack and Ianto Take a Night for Themselves, Owen is Nosy, and Tosh Makes the First Move


            After Tosh and Tommy had taken off to her place and Jack had announced that the Hub was to be vacated until 6:30 the next morning (Ianto had a pretty good idea why, after all, but he wasn’t getting too excited, in case Jack actually did have work to do), he was just preparing to confront the other man when Owen came over and slumped on the sofa. 

            “What?” Ianto asked him, a tad irritably. 

            “Tosh and Tommy.  Three guesses what they’re gonna do,” Owen muttered.  “Thought I was her boyfriend.”

            “Have you ever admitted that to each other?  Or has it just been drinks and conversation?” Ianto asked, sitting beside the doctor. 

            “The latter,” Owen admitted.  “I’m scared, Ianto.”

            “I know.  You’ve said.  But if you want her, you just have to go for it.  Kiss her when she won’t expect it.”

            “I’ll get a smack for that one.”

            “It’s Tosh, Owen.  She won’t hit you,” Ianto smiled encouragingly. 

            “Fine; fine.  And I guess I can’t blame them…I mean, the poor bloke’s going back to die, after all, and if I had a last wish…”

            “It would be a shag.  Typical,” Ianto rolled his eyes and let his arm rest over Owen’s shoulders.  “Don’t worry so much, Owen.  Just…make it official if you want to keep her.  And I know you do,” he added. 

            “Yeah.  I really do, Ianto,” Owen gave him a tremulous smile before standing and brushing off his jeans.  “Well, I suppose I’ll leave you two to it.  I know well enough that when Jack says ‘empty the Hub’ he really means ‘leave now so Tea-boy and I can shag like bunnies,’” he winked and Ianto sighed.  “Have fun, mate.”

            “Will do,” Ianto promised, waving after the other man as he left the Hub. 




            “And I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

            Ianto swore his brain shut down when he heard those words; Jack may never admit to loving him, but confirming once again that he’d rather be here, with him, than anywhere else spoke more than those three little words ever could. 

            At some point kissing while perching on a desk became kind of uncomfortable, so he hooked his hands in Jack’s braces and pulled him upright, never breaking the kiss. 

            Jack was steering them toward the manhole in the floor and Ianto finally broke away.  “Wait, we…”

            “What?” Jack panted, obviously aroused. 

            “Just…your bed is…”

            “You think I can hold off until we get home?” Jack looked horrified at the idea, his hands running over Ianto’s body as he shoved the younger man’s coat off of his shoulder.  “Can’t.  Need you.  It’s been too long.”

            Over a year for Jack, Ianto remembered with a jolt, and in reality it had been too long for him as well. 

            Somehow they managed to get down the ladder without incident and, much to Ianto’s chagrin, get unclothed while his clothing ended up nearly everywhere (and he realized belatedly that he’d taken the spare suit he always kept in Jack’s quarters to the cleaners because it had pteranodon vomit on it.  Myfanwy had decided to show him how displeased she was that he’d forgotten her weekly chocolate bar.  He’d meant to get it, really, but he was only halfway through shopping when the Weevil ran by and he had to forego buying the chocolate) and knowing it would be crumpled and unflattering in the morning (and Owen would notice, of course). 

            Jack pushed him to sit back on the bed before kneeling in front of him, smirking in a rather infuriating way.  “Remember that I once told you I could make you come without touching you?”

            “Yes?” Ianto was finding it hard to remember anything at the moment, with Jack projecting his bloody pheromones, but it sounded familiar. 

            “Just checking,” Jack flashed him a grin.  “I’d do it now, but I don’t think I can hold out that long.”


            “And by the sounds of it, you can’t, either,” Jack patted his thigh before moving forward to lick a stripe up the underside of his cock, and Ianto realized belatedly that he was already hard. 


            Jack seemed to know what he was trying to say and started sucking in earnest, tongue swirling around the head of his cock, darting into the slit as Ianto groaned and tangled his fingers in Jack’s hair, willing him to stay. 

            Jack, for his part, wasn’t planning on moving anytime soon, not when Ianto was so obviously coming undone above him (and he couldn’t deny that he needed this as much as the other man did).  He swallowed and Ianto jerked, eyes flying open as he tried to keep at least a little control over the situation, but all-too-soon he was pushing Jack away.  “Stop, I’m going to…”

            Jack, still with that infuriating smirk on his face, obliged, but not before pressing a playful, sucking kiss to the head of his erection that had Ianto letting out a stilted laugh.  “Tease.”

            “You’re the one that wanted to stop,” Jack reminded him, moving him back so they were both on the small camp bed.  “Top drawer,” he instructed, and Ianto nodded and reached over to pull out the bottle of lube.  “Now,” Jack settled himself comfortably on top of Ianto, reaching between them to continue lazily stroking the young man’s spit-slick cock. 

            “Jack…” Ianto moaned, and it sounded almost like a plea, but for what he didn’t know. 

            “Hmm?” Jack asked, sounding almost bored as he ducked his head to tease one of Ianto’s nipples, running his tongue around the hardening nub before tugging on it with his teeth. 

            “I thought…you weren’t doing the teasing thing tonight…?” he managed to articulate, and Jack laughed in response. 

            He pulled away from Ianto’s chest and looked him in the eyes.  “Then tell me what you want.”

            “You,” Ianto replied automatically, adding a couple of seconds later with a tiny bit of a voice quiver that he would later deny, “…inside me.”

            The look Jack gave him told him that the older man had been expecting the request, but he still looked a little hesitant.  “Are you sure?”

            “Yes, Jack,” Ianto pulled him closer and pressed a quick kiss to his lips.  “I’m ready.”

            “Okay.  If anything hurts, you tell me, alright?” Jack waited for his nod before groping for the lube, slicking his fingers.  “How do you want to do this?”

            “It’s…easier from…from behind, isn’t it?  For a…for a beginner?” Ianto asked hesitantly, not really knowing how to make that sentence sound more appealing. 

            “Easier?  Maybe,” Jack conceded.  “But I always find it so impersonal.  I want to see you, Ianto,” he finished in a low voice, and Ianto shivered and wrapped his legs around Jack’s waist, pulling him in even closer.  “This okay, then?”

            “Yeah,” Ianto nodded, wincing as Jack gently opened him up, even though they’d at least gotten this far before. 

            Jack obviously sensed he was uncomfortable and kissed him, taking his mind off of what he was doing until he had three fingers inside and knew the other man was as ready as he could get him.  “Okay?”



            Yes, Jack,” Ianto rolled his eyes, and that predictable gesture more than anything else told Jack that it was going to be okay.  Jack kissed him again, slicking his own cock with lube as he did so before lining himself up and pushing just the head into Ianto, who winced and gripped at his shoulders. 

            “Relax, babe,” he urged, and Ianto snorted. 

            “ ‘Babe?’  Really?  What am I, some kind of…ah!” he gasped as Jack pushed all the way in on one long stroke, trying to regulate his breathing because this was just weird. 

            “Got your mind off of it,” Jack grinned and kissed his nose.  “Okay?”

            “Weird,” Ianto replied.  “It’s like…”

            “We can stop,” Jack promised him. 

            “No, just…” Ianto shifted a little, laying back more and pulling Jack on top of him.  “There.”


            “Jack, I am not a child,” Ianto all but snarled at him.  “Move.”

            “Yes, sir,” Jack mock-saluted and did as he was told, starting out slowly and gradually picking up the pace as Ianto relaxed more into it.  It was good, but he still wasn’t getting that perfect angle…he prompted Ianto to get his legs up on Jack’s shoulders and pushed forward more, stroking in deep until…

            God, Jack!


            Judging from the fact that Ianto seemed unable to say (or even think) anything more, Jack figured that was a ‘yes,’ and set up a rhythm, stroking Ianto’s prostate every time he pushed in and reveling in the fact that he was, probably, one of the only people to ever see Ianto Jones come undone: and he was undone, shaking and moaning and straining to pull Jack in for a sloppy kiss that broke too soon. 

            Jack knew he was close (it really had been too long), so he moved enough that he could stroke Ianto with one hand while bracing himself against the bed with the other, and Ianto threw his head back and came with a shout, Jack following a few thrusts later as he groaned and fell forward, catching himself before he flopped on top of the young man. 

            Ianto was doing some sort of hysterical breathy-laugh thing and Jack sighed happily and pulled out, heading to the washroom to wet a cloth before coming back to the bed.  Ianto had an arm thrown over his eyes, chest still heaving, and Jack carefully washed them both before urging the younger man under the covers and cuddling close to him…of course, with the size of the bed, they had to be close. 

            “You okay, there?”

            “I think you broke me,” Ianto muttered. 

            “Didn’t answer my question,” Jack replied, hand drawing lazy patterns on Ianto’s stomach. 

            “Fine, Jack.  That was…”

            “Amazing?  Incredible?  Best sex you’ve ever had?”

            “I see your ego is still fully functioning,” Ianto snorted.  “It was…different.”

            “I’m a little wounded, Ianto.”

            “Not in a bad way, Jack.  Just…I’ll have to get used to it,” Ianto rolled so he was partway on top of Jack.  “I enjoyed it, though.”

            “Sure sounded like it,” Jack replied quickly, and Ianto sighed and kissed him slowly, Jack making a pleased noise against his mouth.  “Mm, nice.”

            “It was…okay?  For you?”

            “More than,” Jack assured him, pulling him in to settle more comfortably against him.  “Now sleep.  We’ve got an early start tomorrow.”

            “Yes, sir,” Ianto muttered as Jack kissed the side of his neck, and he turned his head to stare forlornly at his clothing, or at least the clothing he could see.  “I don’t have an extra suit,” he added. 

            “Oh well,” Jack looked remarkably unconcerned.  “They all know we’re together anyway.  Can’t see what harm it’ll do.”

            “It’s not that.  Some of us just prefer to look presentable when we go out in public,” Ianto retorted, and Jack laughed. 

            “So predictable.”

            “Hmm,” Ianto decided to worry about it in the morning and closed his eyes, having a feeling that, come morning, he was going to be a little sore.

            However, he also decided that he really didn’t mind.




            “So, how was it?” Owen asked him as they walked through the hospital, his eyes continually darting to where Tosh and Tommy were talking quietly. 

            “How was what?”

            “Don’t play dumb, tea-boy.  Your official de-flowering ceremony, of course.”

            “Oh.  Fine, I’m sure, as these things go,” Ianto shrugged, remarkably unconcerned, and Owen looked at him curiously. 

            “Er…y’know, mate, I am a doctor…”

            “I know,” Ianto assured him. 

            “If he…ah…if he hurt you?  I can help, you know, with…”

            “Owen!” Ianto hissed at him.  “I’m fine.  It’s just…not nearly as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be.  And you are the one who’s told me repeatedly that you don’t want any details, so I’m sparing you them.”

            “So you’re okay?”



            “A bit, but it’s fine,” he groaned.  Owen wasn’t letting him get out of this quickly, that was for sure. 

            “No need to go off on me, mate.  I’m jus’ asking as a concerned medical professional,” Owen sniffed and thankfully let the topic go, but not without remarking, “Although you think you’d have learned enough to keep a spare suit at the Hub by now…” before smirking and rushing away. 

            Ianto groaned and Jack looked back at him, slowing down and circling an arm around his shoulders.  “Owen bothering you?”

            “Owen’s asking if I’m sore,” Ianto responded. 

            “Frankly, I’d be offended if you weren’t,” Jack smirked at him.  “But really, Ianto, are you…”

            “Do not ask me if I’m okay,” Ianto growled, and Jack raised his hands in surrender and nodded. 

            Can I ask you this way?

            I’m fine, Jack, Ianto assured him mentally and Jack finally smiled and nodded. 

            “Well, come on, then; let’s get this over and done with,” Jack put his arm around Ianto once more and steered him down the hall. 




            “She’ll be fine, Owen,” Ianto put a hand on the medic’s arm as Owen blinked owlishly at him, obviously deep in thought.  “Don’t worry.  This is Tosh; she’s a genius.”

            “There’s just…this whole thing is so strange, Ianto.  I mean, I know it can be done…we’re doing it…but physically projecting yourself into somebody’s mind?  How much can go wrong?” he asked quickly, and Gwen stepped up to rub between his shoulders. 

            “Tosh is bloody brilliant, Owen,” she assured him.  “She’ll be back before you can miss her.”

            “And then you’d best tell her the truth,” Ianto added. 

            “The what now?”

            “Truth, Owen,” Gwen repeated. 

            “What truth?”

            “That you love her.”

            “Oi, too strong a word,” Owen protested. 

            “Then at least ask her out properly,” Ianto suggested.  “All of these friendly drinks and friendly dinners and friendly movie nights aren’t getting you anywhere, and I know you’re afraid of getting in too deep after Katie and Diane, but you can’t deny yourself happiness because you’re afraid,” he said quietly, and Owen sighed in resignation. 

            “You two aren’t gonna let up until I do it, are you?”

            “You wouldn’t want us to,” Gwen pointed out. 

            “Fine; fine.  I’ll ask her; promise.”

            “Good,” Gwen patted his shoulder and walked away, heading back to her station to check something as Jack bounded down the stairs into the autopsy bay. 

            “No change?”

            “Not yet,” Owen sadly shook his head. 

            “Don’t worry,” Jack shrugged.  “These things take a while.”

            “You’ve done this before?” Owen looked at him curiously and Jack nodded. 

            “Of course.  I’ve done everything.”

            “Somehow you can make what would sound worldly on almost anybody else sound incredibly dirty when you say it,” the doctor shuddered. 

            “She’ll make it alright,” Jack finally settled on replying.      

            Are you being falsely reassuring, or do you mean it?

            What, Ianto?  Don’t trust me?

            Not in the slightest.  But while you may get away with coddling Owen with half-truths, I’m not so easy to fool.

            I’m telling the truth! Jack replied, sounding offended, and he flapped his hands a little while Owen looked at him strangely. 

            “You two are doing that bloody telepathy thing again, aren’t you?”

            “Sorry,” they replied in unison, and Owen turned back to stare at Tosh, who chose that moment to open her eyes and sit upright, apparently a little disoriented as she looked around. 

            “Tosh!” Owen looked overjoyed and quickly disengaged her from the equipment before sweeping her into a hug, and she beamed radiantly at him and captured his lips in a quick kiss. 

            “Well, don’t you two make a lovely couple?” Jack commented sarcastically, and they jumped apart, Tosh straightening her jacket and Owen turning back to his machines.  “Oh, don’t stop on my account.  I can assure you I’ve done much worse things on company time than a bit of harmless kissing.”

            “I can, sadly, attest to that,” Ianto raised a hand slowly as Jack grabbed him around the waist and pulled him into a lingering kiss. 

            “Oi, since my man can’t come in here, can we refrain from turning this into couples’ corner?” Gwen popped her head over the rail. 

            “The perks of inter-office relationships, sweetheart,” Owen quipped, and Gwen made a rather rude gesture in his direction before marching down the stairs. 

            “It’s done, then?”

            “Done,” Tosh swallowed.  “He’s a hero, and he’ll never know it.”

            “You’re the real hero,” Owen told her seriously.  “It’s because of you the time shift stopped.”

            “It’s because of Tommy,” she corrected softly. 

            “Maybe, but he couldn’t’ve done it without you.”

           “Why, Owen, that may be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard you say,” Jack teased, and Owen rolled his eyes. 

            “So, now that that’s all done with, I propose a pub night.  Everybody in?”

            “Let me give Rhys a call,” Gwen dug out her phone. 

            “What about you, boys?  Got other plans?” Tosh smiled at Jack and Ianto.

            “Pub night sounds great,” Ianto admitted. 

            “I think we could all use a night off,” Jack agreed, steering them out of the Hub as Gwen finished her call and ushering them onto the lift. 

            Myfanwy gave a quiet squawk and flew to greet them as they were raised up, and Ianto absently threw her a piece of chocolate that she caught in her beak and chomped down, squeaking at them again before flying up to her nest as they cleared the surface and rose up into the crisp Cardiff afternoon.


Additional Notes:

I obviously watch the shows too closely, but for the record, Ianto’s wearing the same suit at the hospital as he was wearing the night before in the Hub.  If that doesn’t tell you what he was doing all night, I don’t know what will.  I have only one thing to say: I applaud whomever thought to add that little detail in.  xD



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